Meet our aircraft

Our hover propeller is designed to reduce noise.


Our aircraft has wings, allowing it to fly further, faster and use less energy.


When delivering items, our aircraft never touches the ground. The package, attached to this pill, is lowered by a tether. Once the package is delivered, the tether retracts back into the aircraft.

Wing is now flying
Testing in Northern California
Participants in the FAA's IPP and UPP programs in Virginia
Wing Delivery Benefits
Our delivery drone service is one of the safest ways to transport items. Our aircraft have flown tens of thousands of flights, and we’ve been delivering everyday goods to doorsteps, driveways, and backyards. Wing complies with all regulations in each area we operate, and adheres to an extremely rigorous safety framework. We have multiple levels of redundancy built into our aircraft and operations, and these have been thoroughly tested throughout the 70,000 test flights we’ve conducted.
With Wing, we help bring neighborhoods closer together. We’re partnering with local businesses to help them deliver goods to community members within minutes. We strive to partner with community members, through in-person engagement in cities where we fly, to understand the needs of each person. We also welcome feedback and ideas through our website contact form, here.
Your items can be quickly delivered to you by Wing, at a fraction of the carbon emissions generated by the delivery of items by cars or trucks. In Australia’s ACT territory (pop. 419,200), it is estimated that by 2030 drone delivery could reduce traffic congestion by up to 35 million vehicle kilometres each year. With road transportation accounting for 69% of the territory’s greenhouse gas emissions, Wing provides a helpful source of emissions reductions.
A note on privacy
The privacy of our customers and communities we serve is a core priority. We start by complying with the privacy laws and regulations where we fly. We also have strong policies and practices to protect the privacy of our customers and community members. Please find out more in our privacy policy to find out the kinds of information we collect, how it is stored, used, maintained and our practices related to disclosure.
Delivery testing in Virginia
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