October 30, 2019

Wing partners with industry and regulators to validate the remote identification of drones based on the proposed ASTM standard in the US

On September 12, participants simulated three common scenarios in controlled airspace around San Francisco International Airport. Participants included eight UAS Service Suppliers (USS), Wing, AirMap, AiRXOS, ANRA, Kittyhawk, Skyward, Uber, UASidekick, all of whom had implemented capabilities in accordance with the draft ASTM standard. CNN and Flite Test also participated as operators, representing media and hobbyist operations. As many as seven drones were operating simultaneously in the demonstration area.

Different USS were able to exchange data via the Linux Foundation’s open-source InterUSS Platform™. The InterUSS Platform implemented the Discovery and Synchronization Service (DSS) defined in the proposed ASTM standard. Participants showed the effectiveness of network remote ID in a variety of real-world scenarios: