February 01, 2021

What can drone delivery do for businesses?

Globally, Wing works with more than 30 partners, from local coffee shops in Australia to national brands, like Walgreens in the United States. Wing searches for a unique set of partners in each community to offer local residents the products they need. For example, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced school libraries to close in Christiansburg, Virginia, Wing partnered with the local school district to deliver books via drone.

Once a local business has partnered with Wing, we work together to integrate drone delivery into their daily operations. We’re simply a delivery partner empowering local businesses to better meet the needs of their customers. The business sets the price, which is typically comparable to the price in-store.

A recent study by Virginia Tech found that drone delivery could help participating businesses generate additional sales by delivering to new customers and delivering more quickly. Over the first five year period in a single city, drone delivery could generate:

  • Up to $208,000 (USD) in additional sales for a participating retail business
  • Up to $145,000 (USD) in additional sales for a participating table-service restaurant
  • Up to $284,000 (USD) in additional sales for a participating limited-service restaurant

For more information on the economic impact of drone delivery, see the report.

Did you know? The owner of Mockingbird Cafe, a bakery in the US city of Christiansburg, Virginia, says Wing drone delivery has accounted for about 25% of sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Merchant loading Wing package on aircraft