August 17, 2020

Working with communities to launch drone delivery

Best practices from Wing-MAAP experiences with community engagement

Wing has worked with Virginia Tech’s Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership during the U.S. Department of Transportation’s UAS Integration Pilot Program to collect helpful information on how to best engage local community members when offering drone delivery services. These best practices have also been informed by multiple launches of Wing’s service in Australia, Finland, and the United States.

With most emerging technologies, adoption depends on customers and communities seeing the value of the new service and embracing rather than resisting new ways to receive products. Wing and MAAP recognize that the only way for a drone platform to be successful is to provide a service that customers find useful, and that the larger community deems acceptable. Without community acceptance, the service simply won’t work. To that end, Wing has made it a priority to engage with a community prior to introducing our drone delivery service. We aim for genuine conversations, and we act on community feedback to adopt changes and improvements to our service whenever possible.