With aviation at our core, we’re building things to help benefit everybody.

We’re looking for individuals with unique, diverse talents and a passionate drive to help empower communities, through aviation.

About Wing

We are Wing. We believe in aviation that benefits everyone by safely creating access to the sky. This mission starts with communities. By empowering business owners to reach their current customers faster and find new ones more easily, we can enrich the economies in the places we work, live, and enjoy. But it’s not just local business that benefits, the ease of Wing gives everyone more time to focus on what matters. Whether that means more quality time with family, volunteering in your community, or longer walks with your pet, we’re all about saving you time on the tedious, so you can have more time and energy to do the things you love.

Life at Wing

We are a team of doers, but every action we take comes from listening first. From understanding the needs of the communities we serve, from customer to merchant, we strive to create simple, fair, and frictionless experiences. And above all, we need to listen to each other, building trust within the team and beyond.

Where opportunity takes flight.

Look through our current open positions to find one that best fits your talents and curiosity.

Open Roles

Accounting & Finance
Accounting Manager
Palo Alto (HQ)
Financial Analyst
Palo Alto (HQ)
Product Counsel
Palo Alto (HQ)
Safety Lead
Palo Alto (HQ)
Local Operations
Flight Operations Lead
Blacksburg, Virginia
Manufacturing & Supply Chain
Marketing & Communications
City Operations Manager
Helsinki, Finland
Customer Experience Manager
Canberra, Australia
Pilot In Command (PIC)
Palo Alto (HQ)
Program Management
UTM Solutions Manager
Palo Alto (HQ)
UTM Solutions Manager
Sydney, Australia
Public Policy and Government Relations