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Wing, an Alphabet company that graduated from the X moonshot factory in July 2018, is transforming delivery. We have spent the last six years developing a fleet of small aircraft and an automated navigation system that can deliver food, medicine and other items just minutes after they are requested. Drone delivery is not only safer, faster and more environmentally friendly than ground delivery, it can also radically improve our quality of life.

Wing has spent the past 18 months trialling the customer experience of drone delivery with thousands of deliveries in south-eastern Australia, partnering with local businesses to deliver a range of food and drinks, medicine and household items.
We’re excited to launch our drone delivery service in Finland in spring of 2019, which will be our first operations in Europe. Finns are internationally renowned for being early-adopters of new technologies, and we’re looking forward to working with the community and local businesses to find the best way to implement our services in the Helsinki area. Based on what we know about the winter weather in Finland, we're pretty confident that if our drones can deliver here, they can deliver anywhere!
Drone delivery: the smart choice
For the environment
Our drones run off clean electric power and fly emission-free. Our testing in Australia to-date has shown that the total carbon footprint of Wing's system is 22 times lower than traditional delivery
For small businesses
Drones allow local businesses to quickly deliver their products to a large number of customers in just a handful of minutes.
For you
Order something from an app on your phone and have it delivered wherever you are in a few minutes, freeing up time for the things that matter.
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How will Wing delivery work?
Where will you be delivering?
We plan to start with a small service trial in the Helsinki area this spring, which we hope to expand as time progresses. We’ll have more updates on this early next year.
When will you begin service in the Helsinki region?
We hope to begin our service in the spring of 2019.
How does Wing delivery work?
Using Wing’s delivery app, customers in our service area will be able to order a range of items, and have them delivered by drone during our operating hours. Our delivery drones can pick up a package from a business or home, fly to a designated destination, and gently lower the package to the ground in a precise location (like a yard or near a doorstep). Our key (UTM), plans and manages the drones’ flight path from take-off to landing, making sure they plan routes around each other, buildings, trees, and other obstacles.
What will you be delivering?
We’re keen to hear from Helsinki residents and local businesses about what they’d like delivered by drone. Have your say in our survey above!
About Wing’s technology
How big are Wing’s drones?
Each drone has a wingspan of approximately 1 metre, and weighs around 5 kilograms (kg).
How far can each drone fly?
Our delivery drones are capable of flying approximately 20 kilometres (km) round trip.
How much weight can the drone carry?
Our drones can carry packages that weigh up to 1.5 kilograms (kg).
Can you fly in snow and rain? Can they fly at night?
We are conducting test flights in Finland during this winter to test our aircraft’s ability to deliver in a range of weather conditions. Our drones are capable of safely delivering a package in day and night and in a strong breeze and rain.
How do you test your drones to ensure they can fly safely and reliably?
Wing’s delivery drones are the safest way to transport goods; they are safer for the community than having delivery conducted by truck or car, or having to get into a vehicle yourself to pick up an item. Our safety case is extremely strong and thorough, and we have multiple levels of redundancy built into our operations, including real-time systems that conduct safety checks on our drones. Our qualified drone pilots oversee the safe operation of these autonomous aircraft.
How are the drones better for the environment compared to ground transportation?
Road transportation accounts for Road transportation accounts for 12% of Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions, and replacing some of those road journeys with delivery drones could significantly curb emissions. Research we’ve commissioned in Canberra, Australia shows that a car driving to a store emits 16 times more carbon emissions per trip than our delivery drones, and an on-demand driving delivery service generates 22 times more CO2. These energy savings are a result of the energy-efficient all-electric design of our delivery drones.
What do your drones sound like?
Our drones are quieter than a range of noises you would experience in a suburb, but they make a unique sound that people are unlikely to be familiar with. However, we’re working to improve the sound of our drones by developing new, quieter and lower-pitched propellers. The aircraft we use in Finland will be our quietest yet.
Are there cameras on the drones?
The aircraft has a camera that is used exclusively for navigation.

Wing’s aircraft convert GPS signals into latitude and longitude to determine location and speed. The aircraft also have a number of redundant systems on board for operation and navigation, among them a downward-facing camera used as a backup to GPS navigation. If the GPS is unavailable for any reason, the drone uses data from the camera to measure speed, latitude and longitude in its place.

The camera is used exclusively for navigation, it doesn’t capture video and is not available in real time. The data the camera captures is a low-resolution and greyscale format, and is only available to a small group of engineers for the purpose of analyzing safety and performance criteria and improving performance. Wing takes privacy extremely seriously and actively avoids capturing any more data than is necessary for the safe operation of its drones
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